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General Notes
If you are not a serious programmer or someone interested in hiring/contracting one, this page is going to be very tedious. I have tried to be as complete as possible, but I can't remember all of the exact names of every single environment or IDE or language that I have done work in. For example: for a time I was contracted to AT&T by an agency and did scripted database source code in an engine that was written in C by someone there. I have no idea what he called his database engine or scripting language.

In short: I have made games/utilities/communications/database/whatever in many languages on Atari (400/800), Tandy (TRS), Intellivision, Commador, TI, Apple ( ][, Mac, GS, PowerPC), PC (Clones and Compatibles)(CP/M, DOS [IBM, MS, DR, Multi], Windows [2.x to Current], GeoWorks, BEOS, Xenix/Unix/Linux), Palm and more.

2011: 7 Years Out of Date! Much has happened since this was last updated, it is going to be a nightmare just to clean up what is here - it looks wretched. Adding the from then to now will just have to be dumped in the Work In Progress category - with fixing all these links, finding and placing the missing files, (?)converting this page from 1990s flavor html-crax into some modern flavor(?).

The main of note during these many years is basically that everything has just rolled up (or continued to be updated thru time) - like the MS Visual Studio has grown from 6? to dawtnet (2003) to 2005 to 2008 to 2010; Palm got eaten by HP (WebOS dev last tasted in 2010); Apple stole the name iOs from Cisco and in the last 3 years has absolutely flooded out at breakneck speed ObjectiveC versions (as well as os versions and names). Still running even with the latest from MicroSoft, Apple, many *nixes, php/asp, sql. There hasn't been much MOV in the assembly arena, I think 2007 or 2008 was the last time I did a little tweak to someone's .asm files.
Languages / Development Environments
Language Year(s) Notes
Numbered Basic 1980-199? Basic programming of games on: TRS-80, Timex-Sinclair2000, Atari 400/800, TI99/4A,
Any games that could be 'stored' were recorded to cassette tapes. Tapes were copied by a clerk at Radio Shack, labeled and sold.
Published in Pasadena, California 'newsprint-rags' (usually photocopied by Junior College Students) - You could pick these 'mags' up free around town and type the source code in your computer. (RUN 100)
Major titles (meaning they earned at least $10.00 and no more than $30.00)
* Hangman (100 words), color graphics (TRS802KColor w/16K Expansion)
* Break-Out, Black and White (TRS, Timex, Atari, TI)
Structured Basic(1)
Basic, BasicA, GWBasic
1986-199? Languages available on early PCs (CP/M, DOS).
Structured Basic(2)
QBasic, QuickBasic, Visual Basic
1989-Current Languages available on PCs (DOS and Windows).
Batch / bash
.bat .cmd
1986-Current Batch file (or shell script) programming for advanced uses in DOS, Windows and *nix including:
Menu programs; Install Programs; Backup Programs; ERRORLEVEL responders; Batch Enhancers; schedule/cron
Assembly 1989-Current Original and Macro assembly for Zilog, Intel, RISC, and others. OS Based=CP/M, DOS(Windows), Xenix/Unix, Linux. BIOS, device drivers, TSR, speed routines. (Yes, I've written in DEBUG too).
C 1989-Current C, C# and C++. DOS, Xenix/Unix/Linux, Windows, Apple Operating Systems. MS, Borland, Watcom, Apple from compiler v1.0 to current (command line and IDE). Utility, Driver, Game, Application, Client/Server programming.
Cobol 1987-1989 Specific to a Medical Billing environment using AS400 Servers and Wyse Terminals.
Pascal(1) 199? (90 or 91) Game development: a ripoff of Miner 49-er for PCs distributed as Shareware on 720K around Los Angeles County.
Pascal(2) 2003 Attempting Borland Delphi for mail client.
Ask*Me 2000 1989-1991 Touch screen information center(s) for malls and banks. Karl Mooreland's kiosk for customized greeting cards in color (386sx w/a Citizen GSX printer) Listed here mainly because the idea was stolen from Karl and he didn't make his millions from it like he should have (that woman who sold it knows who she is).
(Client & Server)
1995-Current Perl, CGI, C, .ASM, J(ava)Script, VBScript, ISAPI (exe and dll), PHP, ASP, python, more.
DataBase 198?-Current Basic, dBase, Every brand and flavor of SQL (starting from Oracle pre 1.0), FoxPro, QuatroPro, Access, BDE. Database development and interaction (C language) in DOS, nix's (Xe, U, Li), Windows, Mac, Web.[.QUIT]
Associations / Organizations
Name Year(s) Notes
Unnamed(?) 1980-1983 Un-organized bunch of digi-nerds that hung around the Radio Shack at Lake and (??) in Pasadena, CA. We wrote mostly basic stuff for the Tandy/TRS computers in the store.
Modem code (secret messaging), Games, ScreenSavers. Main focus was on RPGs (text).
Unnamed(?) 1990-1992 Users Group dedicated to free computer messaging using RBBS bulletin boards. Major success was 'real-time' (about 9 minute) messaging between families in US and soldiers overseas in Gulf War.
Approximately 150 RBBS ops with approx 2500 dial-in users.
Netscape DevEdge 1996 or 1997-200x? Netscape's Developer Network
MSDN 1997-Current MicroSoft Developer Network
Apple Developer 2010-Current Apple's Developer Network/Program
Projects Worth Specific Mention
Name Year(s) Link(s) Notes
Bombs Feb 1992 Download A ripoff of WINMINE, but for DOS. About 2 days work but a nice little game. Download is 49KB (exe and Borland Turbo C 1.0 Source). Left mouse clicks, right marks as bomb, H for hint.
SideGame Unnamed(?) Apr-Jun 1995 Download Pretty complex side scroller for DOS. (Will run under win but alot of bugs.) Pallette animation, sound, midi, world famous OKIDogs and pixelated Mitzi, few enemies, map, lots of guns. Only got about 1/2 done. Download is exe and source (Turbo C v.??) 228KB.
OldSkool March 1996-1998 Download Superpad converted to HTML editor with large buffer. Added ftp send in 1997. Download is 491KB (all source and exe).
Craps June 30, 1998 Download A pretty good craps game in Windows/DirectX. MSVC. Download is 536KB and has all source. No idea why I never did anything with this. Screen draw glitch in XP but runs anyway).
WinDoom 1998-2001 Web Site Port of Doom to Windows w/Bruce Lewis. Well optimized (486/25Mhz to P4/2.4GHz) and fairly bug free code (Windows95-XP). 500,000+/- Downloads, 10,000+/- email. MSVC 5 and 6.
Smack JarJar June 1999 Download (12.2003) Recoved from the 'lost files' collection. A small Visual Basic app poking fun at Jar-Jar (StarWars Episode 1). Sound, lame graphics, cool (at the time) text trick to look like star wars intro. Note to lucas: please dont sue me. Everyone else: Buy LucasArts products and make them rich so they wont sue me. @1MB zip file.
Mobtrix Oct. 2001 N/A With Sevenheavens Codeworks. Online 'Real-Time' Strategy.
This was my first introduction to MySQL and PHP. The engine was written in 14 days in C (Linux .o). Had the game ever gone 'live' the engine would have been cron-ed on the server.
Real life stopped development in the Beta stages of the game, testing had driven it to around 100 test players (8 humans with many names) - 1000 cities - 12,000 'Actors' (AI controlled individual game characters).
Help: The backups of this were lost and I would love to have the engine source, if you have it please Contact Me.
Click here to look at the only remaining doc.
TSI Bragg PT Nov. 2002-2003 N/A Inventory, billing, scheduling, location tracking, reporting software in MS Access. Reads/Parses data from MSDOS TouchProbe (handheld button reader). Heavy use of VB.
Review with NDA.
IFG D/E (unnamed) April 2003 N/A VB 4.0 Data Entry program that stores files in encrypted form. Autocomplete and autofill. Decode program for corporate that decrypts to proprietary format. VB 4 for OS independance and smaller footprint (dist on floppy).
Review with NDA.
SpaceShooter May/June 2003 Download Optimized and improved version of the sample from DirectX 7 SDK. Trying to test the abilities of VB for game design. Download is 3.5MB (all source and .exe).
LabDemoVB June 2003 Download Conversion of Ken Silverman's LABDEMO2.BAS to Windows/DirectX. Download and unzip with directories (zip has all sources and exe). About 4 hours playing to see if VB had any guts for ray tracing.
Unnamed(?) (TestPop) June 2003 N/A
Conversion of PopTray to full email client. Designed for in house use. Upload/Name soon.
HistoryDisplay July 1, 2003 Executable
About 40 mins programming to grab Internet Explorer History. Parental/Corp supervision(?). Double click the list to save file 'history.txt' (warning does not check/prompt to overwrite file). MSVC 6.0.
April 2010 - Dec 31 2017 LISA
LISA (L.I.S.A. - Life Insurance Sales App) was primarily an iPad forms completion/automation tool including the ability to capture signatures. homepage screenshot April, 2018

LISA iPad App: iPhoneOS/iOS, Apple 'C', xCode
* Create the 'LISA Scripting Language/Engine' (graphical mapping of inputs, data type & validation, encoding, etc.)

LISA Server(s): Windows Server 2008 & 2012, MSSQL, MS Visual Studio 2010 C# (Team/SVN)
* Content delivery server: deliver code based LISA Scripts (images & text), sales tools (audio, videos, links) to the iPad client app
* File (Application) server: receive LISA 'data' files, re-assemble into flat PDF, store in file and database formats, deliver links to end users via email for downloading of PDF files

LISA Tool: Windows, MS Visual Studio 2010 C# (Team/SVN)
* Convert PDF files into a LISA Script Package (text script file and jpg images). Map all of the inputs, data (input) types, assign data validation (type and/or ranges).
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